Satellite 603 – The Energy ‘Bank’

We are a relaxation and natural healing centre located in East London.
From 31 July – 13 August, we will be offering two healing courses with the woman who has developed this method of relaxation and healing. One course will be for those looking to be improve their health and the other will be for people who want to learned how to heal.

The woman leading this course is Chinese and her name is Aiping Fulepp. She has over thirty years experience in energy training, she is a Grandmaster of “natural” Qi Gong and has been developing this unique method of healing for the past twelve years. She has healed thousand of people while working in the United States, New Zealand, Slovenia and Croatia and is truly one of the top healing masters in our world today.

This method involves no medication, herbs, movement, exercise, needles, or any other physical intervention. Everything is done through instructor lead sessions, where clients and the instructor talk and through relaxation sessions. It is safe for anyone to try, even if they are undergoing other health treatments.

For more information, please contact:

Satellite 603 – The Energy ‘Bank’
132 Commercial Street
London E1 6NG
tel. 020 7650 0718
fax. 020 7650 0719