General Parenting

You will find some wonderful articles here on all areas of parenting and then some! We welcome contributions, so if you feel inspired please send us something!

“Secret to Success in the New Economy: Waste More Time” – By Robin Curry. Why traditional schooling is doing it all wrong.

Baby Talk – by Dorothy P Dougherty.

Managing Morning Madness -By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of Kid Cooperation, Perfect Parenting and Hidden Messages

NSPCC – Press release on the book “Tantrums” by NSPCC Parenting Advisor Eileen Hayes

Indigo Children – Rebecca D’Amato offers her insights into this phenomenon as an Indigo adult.

The Children’s Bill of Rights – The Children’s Bill of Rights project involved over 650 children from three continents, and resulted in the first Bill (or Declaration) of Rights drafted, in part, by children. It is quite innovative in a number of ways, and has attracted quite a lot of attention.

– Huma Nasir of Baby Signing, who deliver workshops to parents and help them understand the concept in detail, its advantages to both parent and baby, and how and when to start signing

Top Ten Baby Essentials!Natural Parenting UK’s spoof of those equipment-filled lists in baby magazines.

It’s Happening all Over the World – David Gribble’s article on how democratic education reaches beyond UK’s Summerhill School.

Talk your Child Clever – Susan du Plessis (BD; BA Hons) offers an article on the importance of talking with your baby and speech development.

When Holidays aren’t Happy – An article on the all-too-common occurance of child abuse at family gatherings. By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, MSW, CSW, CCH, CRT

No More Clutter – A London-based service that helps you organize your home and life!

Ten Recommendations for Wise Parenting by Dr. Adouda Adjiri, Ph.D.

Nurtured by Love or Matured by Nature? by Susan du Plessis. The importance of parental guidance in childrearing.

Co-sleeping – A GP and mother of eight, shares her experience and opinions.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to staying at Home– Dispels the Five Fears that Keep Mothers Working. From her book, Melissa Hill offers her insights.

Do you rely on Memory for the Most important things? by Dianne Duffett. Real life experience prompted this enlightening article regarding remebering our children’s health history in the event of an emergency.

Real Nappy Week 2001 by Alex C Pitt.

How to Talk to your Baby by Dorothy P Dougherty.

Hidden Messages Casual remarks and how they affect our children. By author Elizabeth Pantley.

Democratic Education – Information and Links on this thriving alternative form of education

Winter Solstice – Origins and ways to celebrate with your family.

Boy or Girl? – Old Wive’s Tales on how to predict the sex of your baby.