You will find some wonderful articles here on all areas of parenting and then some! We welcome contributions, so if you feel inspired please send us something!

Natural Immunity – Excerpts from Jock Doubleday’s excellent Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., Newsletter. This month on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Vaccinations by Jock Doubleday of Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc. A sample newsletter choc-full of compelling information on vaccinations.

Autism and Childbirth by George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB . Looks at the problems caused by premature cordclamping at birth.

An Introduction to Allergies by Alex C Pitt. A very thorough look at causes, symptoms, prevention and treatments.

Allergic Rhinitis and Hayfever by Alex C Pitt. Well researched article with good links and information.

Cotlife 2000 by Dr. Tim Sprott.Fascinating research into the cause of cot death and how to prevent it.

Body Piercing and the Pregnant Woman by Alex Stewart. Editor of Natural Parenting UK and one time professional piercer, Alex offers surprising information and advice to all the pierced mums-to-be!

Get Through Childbirth in One Piece! – Episiotomies and How to Avoid Them by Elizabeth Bruce. Must-read article for all pregnant women and anyone who knows one. From the book of the same name.

Hypnotherapy, Labour and Childbirth by David Kato of the Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic. Information how this popular method of relaxation and pain management can help the birthing women.

Dentistry – The Dangers of Amalgam by Dr. J Mercola. Press release featuring facts about the increasing awareness , research and findings on silver fillings.