Maine Dentists Required to Inform Patients About Amalgam Dangers

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS – Maine dentists must now inform their patients that “silver” amalgam dental fillings contain a high percentage of the toxic element mercury, according to a new state law.

Maine has probably taken more action to get mercury out of the air and water than any other state in the union. “And yet we all carry it around in our mouths,” said Gov. King in his preliminary remarks before signing the bill.
“We hope that the U.S. will take Maine’s lead and move forward with legislation at the national level,” said Maine Senate President Michaud.

Mercury is highly toxic and has been shown to be associated with a wide array of negative effects, including developmental and behavioral disorders, such as autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as birth defects.

“I find so many of my patients with chronic illnesses, especially children, to have elevated mercury levels in their body,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola, Medical Director of the Optimal Wellness Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. “It is insane for dentists to keep using such a dangerous substance, especially without even insuring that proper informed consent is obtained.”

“Congratulations are certainly in order for the legislators from the great state of Maine who took this courageous step. It is a step that the American Dental Association (ADA) does not have the guts to take or even endorse, probably because of the big conflict of interest they have due to their financial backing from dental amalgam manufacturers,” states Mercola.

The ADA’s failure to act on this issue should seriously call into question the group’s credibility, says Paul Connett, PhD, a professor of chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.
“For over 100 years the ADA has stated that mercury amalgams are “safe and effective” and that there are no studies which indicate any health problems associated with having mercury in the mouth,” states Connett. “They were wrong of course, and they probably knew they were wrong, but they stonewalled for as long as they could nonetheless.”
“Now that the authorities in Maine have recognized the ADA was so seriously wrong on dental amalgams, could they now re-examine that other practice (water fluoridation) that the ADA claims is ‘safe and effective’?,” states Connett, who also heads up the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), an international coalition of organizations helping to raise awareness of fluoride’s health and environmental hazards.

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