Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing problem all across the world; every country suffers from this disease. It has been growing steadily for the past twenty years. Many people don’t realize how serious a problem this really is. Over half of the adult’s population is overweight so they don’t consider their children to be overweight, when in fact many are. If parents can’t accept this is a problem, they can’t help their children.

Childhood Obesity Facts

A diet designed for an adult, is no good for a child, the reason for this is a child needs to get the proper vitamins and minerals to grow properly, for their bones to be strong. Putting them on a diet suited for adults could make things worst because they wouldn’t be receiving the nutrition they need to be healthy. The problem of children being overweight is continuing to grow, it is important for parents to become more educated in this area. Children are not old enough to understand how serious being obese can be, and most parents do not really understand either, making it a very serious problem.

Childhood obesity statistics

In studies that have been conducted it shows that an obese child has a 25 to 50 per cent chance of becoming an obese adult. Children are becoming less active each year, doing things like playing videos games, talking on computers, and watching TV instead of doing physical activities.

Effects of Childhood Obesity

If we do not address and educate our children on the seriousness of obesity, it could continue to grow until it becomes out of control. The children from today will be the obese parents of tomorrow, each generation will get worse until it’s too late to do anything about it. It’s even possible for obesity to become the accepted and normal, and for people who are fit and in shape to feel out of place. If this happened, there would be many more medical problems such as heart disease, back pain, high blood pressure, and many others for society to have to deal with. It could even shorten the human life span by trimming years off our lives, due to all the health problems obesity can cause.