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Books were one of my favourite treasures as a child, and it’s as much fun discovering quality children’s books. Here I’ve compiled some of the best I’ve found, if you have a favourite let me know!

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 Preschool Books Рthe early years.

Picture books are great at this age as the child can invent their own stories!

Pelle’s New Suit, Elsa Beskow

Classic children’s author Elsa Beskow tells the tale of Pelle and his lamb whose coat grew longer and longer, while Pelle’s Sunday suit grew shorter ! Pelle shears the lamb, the wool is carded, spun, dyed and woven. Finally the tailor makes a new suit for Pelle.

The Apple Cake, Nienke van Hichtum

An old lady wants to bake an apple cake. She has everything she needs except the apples. So she sets off to market to buy some, taking a basket of plums to trade along the way, just in case….

The Tale of the Little Old Woman, Elsa Beskow

Another delightful book by this wonderful author.

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, Selma Lagerlof

This classic Swedish folk tale, tells of Nils who is shrunk to a tiny size by a dwarf and carried across Sweden by a flock of wild geese to their summer home in the far north.

Ollie’e Ski Trip, Elsa Beskow

Six year old Ollie is given his first pair of real skis. When the first snow falls, he sets off by himself to the palace of King Winter.

Peter in Blueberry Land, Elsa Beskow

Peter is looking for blueberries for his mother’s birthday but he can’t find a single one. Suddenly he feels a light tap on his shoe, and a strange and magical adventure begins.

The Story of the Root Children, Sibylle von Olfers

All through the winter the Root Children are asleep underground, but when spring comes, Mother Nature wakes them up. The Root Children are then busy cleaning and painting the beetles and bugs. When the summer comes they play in the fields, ponds and meadows.

The Sun Egg, Elsa Beskow

A large orange egg has fallen from the sky into the wood. “It’s a sun egg !” decides the elf. Soon, she and her friends find out what it really is.

Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

Max is creating a rumpus and is sent to his room, when he finds his room transformed and sailing to the land where the wild things are. The proclaim him their king and the fun begins ! A childhood classic.

Five to Seven Years – a time of wonder and increasing independence. These books are great fun to read together.

Am I really Different?, Evelien van Dort

A simple story of a ladybird with only one spot. She feels quite unhappy at being so unlike the other ladybirds, until she realises that all the others have different numbers of spots. Was she really so different after all?

The Seven Year Old Wonder Book, Isabel Wyatt

Full of short stories aimed at this age of discovery.

The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein

A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return. A poetic, unique and darkly humorous story.

A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme, Heather Thomas

An invaluable collection of poetry.

Eight Years Plus – the adventure years. These are exciting books by fantastic authors. My favourite “Redwall” books have a huge following.

The Man who Planted Trees, Jean Giono

A lone traveller happens upon a dwelling where lives a quiet man. He shares a meal and accompanies him to discover how he lives and the story of land around them. An inspiring tale of how just one person can make a world of difference. Classic.

Celtic Wonder Tales, Ella Young

Traditional stories of adventure based in the British Isles

The Queen of the Silver Castle, Claire French

A re-telling of the Welsh epic The Mabinogion . Pwyll, King of Dyfed is hunting in the Red Forest when he sees a magnificent stag through the mist. In the heat of the chase Pwyll strays beyond the standing stones that mark the boundary with the Kingdom of Annwn, and is brought face to face with the Grey Hunter. So begins a tale of mystery and adventure.

The Hobbit Gift Collection, Tolkien

A wonderful collection of these classic tales

The Redwall Collection by Brian Jacques

This extraordinary series of books by author Brian Jacques is very popular in the USA and Canada and has a huge following in Europe as well. New stories are still being published and recently made into an animated series. I bought them in paperback and have a wish list for them all in hardcover ! They are a real treasure which I aim to turn into a family heirloom.

Synopsis -An epic series based on the adventures and activities of an order of peace-keeping mice and woodland creatures in Redwall Abbey. Battles and warriors, feasts and celebrations, strategy and co-operation, these books have many lessons to share and adventures to live !

Lemony Snickett Series

” While it’s true that the events that unfold in Snicket’s novels are bleak, and things never turn out as you’d hope, these delightful, funny, linguistically playful books are reminiscent of Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens and Edward Gorey. ”

Craft and Activity Books for Parents and Children

It gives a real sense of achievement to create handmade toys and gifts for your children and friends. In Steiner education, handwork is a major part of the curriculum for all pupils from knitting to felting to woodwork. Many old skills are being forgotten these days, but the satisfaction that comes from working with natural materials like wool and beeswax is a joy not to be missed ! These are easy crafts that children will get thoroughly absorbed in and will be beautiful to display.

Circle Round, Starhawk et al.This is really much more than a craft book, but contains some really great and unique activities relating to the festivals and seasons of the year.

The Nature Corner, M van Leeuwen & J MoeskopsSeasonal nature tables are a wonderful way to make young children aware of the changing world around them. This book shows how with simple materials you can create a special place in your home to celebrate the changing seasons.

Magic Wool, Dagmar Schmidt & Freya JaffkeWool is one of the nicest materials to work with, the feel, the smell and the endless possibilities. This book illustrates how to create many wonderful activities and create art to inspire.

Earthways, Carol PetrashPractical and fun ideas for craft making while teaching respect for the environment.

Holiday and Everyday Projects: (The Crafty Kid Series) Waterbird BooksThis inspiring book features decoration projects and engaging activities for many major holidays. The artistic objects that children create will be used and admired throughout every season of the year!

Halloween; Customs, Recipes and Spells Silver RavenWolfA journey through the history and magical practices of Halloween. This informative work examines the legends and customs that created our modern tradition. The author, herself a Wiccan priestess, offers serious facts as well as practical, how-to goodies and gossipy tidbits