Disabled Parents


Are you a parent?

Are you disabled?

Do you have at least one child under-18?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions we want to hear from you. The National Family and Parenting Institute want to find out about the things that help you as a parent. This might be a service (eg. home-care), a person (eg. an occupational therapist), or anything else (eg. an accessible play-group, a taxi to get your children to school, a supportive group you are a member of). They want to hear your stories so that local authorities can learn the best way of providing help. They also want to know about any other kind of support you would find helpful in being a parent.

They would like to hear from all sorts of parents including natural parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, mothers, fathers, and parents who live with their children as well as those who do not. They would like to hear from parents with a variety of disabled parents as possible, including those with physical or sensory impairments, learning disabilities, and/or those with mental health impairments. They would like to hear about support provided by social services, health services, by the education system, by voluntary groups, and so on.

  • If you wish, you can contact us anonymously. If you provide contact details, you will NOT be contacted by the researchers for more information, unless you specifically request it.
  • Any identifiable information you share will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The researchers carrying out the work on behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the National Family and Parenting Institute are Richard and Helen. Both are parents, and Helen is also a disabled person. Both have a lot of experience of working with disabled parents, and are committed to finding ways of better supporting them.

You can contact us in the following ways

By freepost: National Family and Parenting Institute, Dis/Par, FREEPOST LON12668, LONDON, NW5 2YR

By freephone: 0800 328 1720 (this will connect to an answering service). Calls via BT typetalk welcome.

via the web-site: http://www.nfpi.org/disabledparents