Parental Involvement in Education

When a parent is involved in their child’s education it makes a big difference in how the child learns, behaves, and grows academically. When the schools and parents work together it improves the community, student and teachers altitudes improve and students seem to do better in school and life in general.

Parental Involvement means

  1. Helping your child to read
  2. Be involved in school activities
  3. Get involved in homework
  4. Put homework before TV and internet games

By helping your child to read from an early age you encourage them and help them to become better in reading and writing. It also improves their ability to understand what they are reading. Be involved in your child’s homework by making sure they allow time everyday to get it done without being in a rush, this helps to get better grades in school and helps you to keep up with where they are from an educational level. You will know if they are where they should be, or if they are above or below level. This will let you know if they need special help in an area or if they have already passed their age group and are ready to move on. Being involved in activities helps to show your child you are interested in what they like and helps to improve their social skills by being more interested in school activities.

Why should parents be involved?

If a child knows that you care enough about their education to become involved yourself, then it must be important and they are more likely to put more effort into it. When they know you care they want to make you proud and work harder, so involvement means better grades. Being involved helps to improve the overall attitude of students, it helps them to get along better with teachers and other students, and helps to discourage missing school days. Getting involved in your child’s education is the best way to help them go far in life, and the sooner you begin the more it will help your child.