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Gucio Leather Shoes
by Slawomir Piwowarczyk Designs of Poland

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The Gucio Shoe Story

Taken from the designer’s website

My adventure with Gucio shoes started when my oldest son began to walk. I wanted to buy some new shoes for him, but it appeared not to be an easy task. Shoes offered to children were too tight in the toe area or had too stiff soles, others had a hard cutting in heel, or were made from artificial material imitating leather. Some shoes that I could accept were far beyond my financial reach.
I am a certified designer of shoes. I graduated from the Cracow Acadamy of Fine Arts where I majored in industrial forms and I have a diploma of Italian Design School. I decided to make the perfect shoes by myself.
Slawomir Piwowarczyk

Slawomir began manufacturing his shoes on his own and presented his project to the Polish Patent Committee. Therein brings us the Gucio Shoe! The Shoes are made of fine leather suede and are perfect for dry weather and indoor wear cleverly designed in two styles; Regular and Summer, the Summer style feature air holes for ventilation. Other innovative features include:

  • Properly supported heel structure
  • Wide sole made of non-slip rubber
  • Leather dyes are non-toxic and applied only to surface to avoid contact with childn’s foot
  • Completely smooth interior for maximum comfort
  • Air cushion under heel *
  • Available in an array of colours
  • 10 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied(excl. shipping)

Gucio shoes are offered in 9 great colours and sizes 18 – 25 (European).

Our Review – My children pretty much run barefoot all summer long but with Autumn approaching fast it’s time to think seriously about footwear. I was introduced to Gucio shoes by this small company themselves and was immediately impressed with the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into these shoes. Even more impressive is the thoughfulness behind the design. With so many great features to ensure comfort and proper development of the child’s foot, this is shoe that properly cared for will be a staple “hand-me-down”. They are surface washable, although it has been known of a few pairs that survived the washing machine! My favourite feature is the choice of colours. I despise the standard choice of black, brown, white or navy for kid’s shoes. With colours like Foxy, Violet and Turquiose, these should be shoes you child will want to wear!

Cost – £32 Inculdes shipping and handling!

Where to Buy – Through our Online Shop where you can view more details and the full range of colours or Slawomir Piwowarczyk’s Website