Parent Friendly Awards highlight need for a more parent friendly Britain

A massive 79% of parents would love to give up work, stay at home and be full-time parents in an ideal world, with just 4% dreaming about hiring a nanny to help them.

The findings, from a poll of Huggies members may surprise many people in this generation of the ‘super-mum’ who has and does it all. Latest Government figures show 53% of all mothers with children under five work and seven out of ten first time mothers return to work within just a year.

Sarah Langan, Huggies Club European Marketing Manager said: “This really proves that Britain’s parents are desperate to spend more quality bonding time with their children. We appreciate that the majority of parents do ‘have’ to work, but given the choice it’s clear we’d all much rather be caring for and playing with our children than climbing the career ladder. ”

Yet the time parents spend with their children is not always as easy as it could be. The UK still remains one of the least parent friendly places in Europe, lagging behind its continental neighbours, especially when it comes to public transport and amenities.

Thousands of parents have now registered votes for their most parent friendly places, services and facilities, including most parent friendly supermarket, department store and nursery product.
Parents can turn to to identify some of their own local amenities that have already been designated parent friendly.

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