Indigo Children

Submitted by Rebecca D’Amato, edited by Alex Stewart.

The term Indigo relates to the aura colour of millions of children who came into this world from the mid/late 1970’s onwards, there were many more born before those years I know because I am one of them, but the dates given above are when they began to arrive enmass so to speak.

Indigo children are highly evolved being they are ‘old souls’, they possess wisdom way beyond their years, they ‘know’ things which they have not yet touched upon, they are imaginative, creative, very psychic, overly sensitive and highly inteligent.

Spiritualists all over the world believe they came here to usher in the new age of peace, we have no tolerance threshold for people who lie, lack integrity and/or are stupid. We have come to make a massive difference, to show there is another and better way of doing things.

The problem is that countless millions of them all over the world are being misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD and prescribed drugs such as Ritalin. These drugs ‘zonk’ them out, they lose much of their creativity, ability to think like an Indigo, and worse still research has proved that over 90% grow to adulthood dependent on illegal drugs and/or alcohol after a dependency on Ritalin from as young as 3 years of age.

In 1999 the Indigo phenomena was brought to the attention of the world when Jan Carroll and Lee Tober wrote the book ‘An Indigo Celbration’. It sold in it’s millions and other books were written on the subject many by Professors and Doctor’s like Dr. Doreen Virtue. This in turn has led to numerous websites on the internet, some offer support and advice to parents on how to take care of their precious Indigo, other have chat rooms, and many have links to other sites offering help and guidence (See Below for List).

As a spiritualist I am an earth angel, a kind of Indigo but more evolved and a little less human (in a nice way!!), I like all people on earth not just angels and Indigo’s have a life purpose, I elected to come here to earth to implement my life purpose. Unlike people who are not Indigo or angels, I will not allow anything to stand in my way. By that I mean I have no desire for physical/sexual relationships, having children of my own, being materialistic, striving for acheivement through bigger/better house/car etc. My life purpose is to help the Indigo children, without help they grow up feeling they don’t belong, frightend, isolated, confused and lonely. I have found an ideal way to help them but I am starting out alone and could use all the help I can get. My vision for the help for Indigo’s includes doing all I can so one day all schools will be like Summerhill School, that way the needs of every child in the world will be met without having to single the Indigo’s out and make them feel more stigmatised than they would if we dealt with them singulaly.

I am aware that this article might be met with a lot of scepticism and guffawing, but for every ten sets of parents who scoff there will be a set of parents who wont. If that one set of parents in every ten choose to treat their child with the special care a Indigo needs from then on rather than placing it on Ritalin it is a child saved.

I recently saved an eight year old Indigo from Ritalin because her Mother was willing to open up her mind to new ideas, Archangel Michael made sure I met this child because he knew she was one who could be saved.

Zonking any child out on prescription drugs in order to break their spirit is applaing but when it is an Indigo is is worse because they were sent here for a special purpose, BIG ONES, which will in the future include, forming goverments that don’t spin and lie, where children will have a voice, a world community which will see peace, and and end to abuse, violence, drug addiction and crime, many of them will waste countelss years addicted to narcotics and alcohol before ‘waking up’ and realising their life purpose, it is time wasted, and they are suffering.

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