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“I was just reading the section at your site on Morning Sickness. Though I had my children 20 years ago, I do want to say that out of three pregnancies, I only experienced morning sickness the first time.
I attribute that to ignorance, on my part, of good nutrition, etc. By the time I was pregnant the second time, I was very much aware of health/nutrition, etc., and had been taking a very good Vitamin supplement for awhile, as well as eating right, etc.
In fact, my natural vitamin was better than the pre-natal ones being recommended, esp. with regards to folic acid, which they now know is a factor in Spina Bifida. Of course, Alt. Med. doctors knew, but MD’s trained traditionally did not.
By the time I had my last child, I had a home birth.
Anyhow, vit. B6 is connected to morning sickness. I know I have a high requirement for B vitamins, and my first pregnancy I was taking no vitamins at all and was sick as a dog. So that’s my two cents…”
– Wendy

“My experience is purely anecdotal, but may be of interest.
Pregnancy 1 – horrible all day nausea weeks 6 – 16. Healthy baby (homeborn) at 37 weeks.
Pregnancy 2 – horrible all day nausea weeks 6 – 16. Healthy baby (homeborn) at 40 weeks.
Pregnancy 3 – v. mild nausea weeks 4 – 8. Miscarriage at 11 weeks. Tentative diagnosis was that I wan’t producing enough pregnancy hormones.
Pregnancy 4 – horrible all day nausea weeks 6 – 16. Currently 17 weeks and pregnancy looks good.
In _my_ case, the nausea seems to be related to my hormone levels. This is backed up by the fact that the pill made me nauseous too.
Your site is well worded, but beware of making women suffering from sickness feel that it is somehow there fault – it is a miserable enough condition without adding guilt !”
– Alison

“My friends doctor has put her on an anti sickness drug which he says is very powerful but has risks of giving you involuntarily facial, hand, arm and leg movements. He said he wouldn’t have thought it was the right drug but a specialist had overruled him which made my friend quite nervous. She has lost over a stone since she became pregnant and although the baby is growing well it only started to kick at 21 weeks (not abnormal) and the morning sickness is continuous well in to her 23rd week. Apparently there was some kind of health scandal about these drugs about 5 years ago. Do you know anything about what it might be or have any advice about natural methods of stopping morning sickness?” – Anne-Marie

“I was experiencing very violent and persistent nausea which stemmed from an over-production of phleghm. As this is my second child, I was more aware to how my body would react within this first trimester. My first child’s birth was a home birth, which other than being quite long, has left me with positive feelings in retrospect, I am therefore not convinced about the “fear” theory in any context. What I am aware of though, is the dietry changes I have had to make in order to function: I have cut out all wheat and dairy products and for the most part eat only raw vegetables, cooked fish, rice noodles, potatoes and soya products. The excess mucus, really exacerbates the feelings of nausea. Making specific dietry changes has really helped lessen the severity.” – Rachael