NSPCC Parenting Advisor Eileen Hayes has penned a new book for parents of toddlers, ahead of a new NSPCC campaign on the so-called ‘terrible twos’ launched on the 24th February 2003.

‘Tantrums’ by Eileen Hayes is now on the bookshelves of high street stores. Published by Hamlyn, this easy-to-read 96-page guide explains why children throw tantrums and offers practical advice for heading off and dealing with them in a positive way for parent and child. (See below for special reader offer).

The NSPCC has launched a major public education campaign featuring new television adverts and advice for parents and parents-to-be about understanding toddlers and their behaviour.

NSPCC Parenting Advisor Eileen Hayes said: “Even some adults, who really should know better, can throw a tantrum or two but, for toddlers, tantrums are just a normal part of their development. This is the toddler’s way of releasing overwhelming emotions in response to feelings of frustration, helplessness and anger.

“To make sense of the world, toddlers test and explore everything, including our patience. We shouldn’t punish them for what comes naturally – smacking and shouting just make things worse.

“But we do need to know how to cope, how to encourage better behaviour and how to keep toddlers safe, which is why the NSPCC has launched this new awareness campaign.”

GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips, who presents a series all about bringing up toddlers on the Discovery Health Channel entitled ‘Taming Toddlers’, will be supporting the campaign. She said: “Toddlerhood is not terrible, it’s thrilling. But it can be a challenge and parents need greater help and support. Tantrums can be hard to handle, but shouting and smacking are not the answer. We all need to understand toddler behaviour and emotions better – much of it is quite normal, not naughty.”

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