Here I offer my findings and opinions on several books and products that are worthy of mention to natural parents and their families. I am also currently working to make them available to purchase on my site. I promise to offer products that are of the highest quality, offer real worth and at fair prices. If you discover something that you want to share with your family, buy online through our Amazon Afflilate programme in the BookShop. Thanks !


A lot of my information gathering starts with good books. There are so many out there (and so little time… ! ) The books I’ve chosen are the few I consider the staples of my parenting library:

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Special Delivery, Rahima BaldwinAn informative book that covers every topic of pregnancy with a very detailed explanation of childbirth. Gives empowering advice on everything from pain relief and homebirth to emergencies and life after delivery.

This was compulsory reading at my midwives practise in the USA. It de-mystifies the process of labour and offers information to make the right choice for your birth. The birth stories are a bit “70’s”, but the messages are eternally valid. I found that learning from this book gave me the confidence to enter labour with less apprehension. I tried several of the pain relieving techniques such as the “accupressure combs in the palms” ! Throughout the stages of labour, I always found that being able to visualise what my body was doing (dilating, contractions etc), was incredibly helpful and helped me “stay on top” of the labour.

HomeBirth, Nicky WessonIf you are expecting a baby or have previously experienced hospital birth, this book is an informative source on giving birth in the comfort of your own home. If you are planning a homebirth, you may have met with resistance (especially a first birth), this book will offer support and information for you and your friends and relatives. Covers all areas of homebirth, communicating with your doctor or midwife, safety concerns, and birth stories.

Birth Without Violence, Frederick Leboyer“The book that revolutionized the way we bring our children into the world”.

This book is a poetically written but alarming view on the birth experience of the newborn. It describes how for many decades what little was known about what the newborn experiences and how a more respectful and gentle method of childbirth was discovered. The Author and his colleagues realised that newborns are more sensitive to the stimulation they recieve following birth than was ever thought before. They devised “The Leboyer Method”, a simple, well proven and popular way to birth without causing fear and harm. Quiet voices, dim light, gentle hands and a warm baby bath became the blueprint for reducing the trauma newborns experience. Please read this and share with a friend.

Post Partum and Breastfeeding

After the Baby’s Birth-a woman’s way to wellness, Robin LimA complete guide for postpartum women, this book offers advice on how to care for your baby and yourself in the weeks and months following birth.

It is amazing how little we are told by doctors and even midwives on how to cope after our delivery. Here is a book that covers absolutely every topic of what we can experience postpartum and offers healing advice to help us cope with being postpartum for the rest of our lives ! My gift to every new mother I know. Essential.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, La Leche League InternationalThe bible of breastfeeding. Whether you plan to, already are or know someone who might this book has it all ! The most important thing a woman needs in her decision to breastfeed is the support of the people around her. Just as important is the knowledge that she is capable and it will become second nature. This book has been the first and final word on breastfeeding for many years. LLL also offers local support groups, newsletters, and now even a 24 hour helpline ! Covers technique, concerns, problems, emotional and physical issues and so much more…

Parenting – Newborns upward

You are Your Child’s First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin

This book is widely considered an introduction and foundation to nurturing parenting. The author covers many aspects of child development from before birth and advocates the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf parenting movement.

I discovered this book after being involved with a wonderful Steiner schooling community and recently re-read it when expecting my fifth baby. It helped me remember how to create an appropriate environment ( a rose silk cloth over the bassinet to recreate the light my baby has seen all his life). I recommend this book as one of the first books a parent or care-giver should read with it’s fantastic insights into a child’s perception, experiences and development in our world throughout their formative years.

Hip Mama Survival Guide, Ariel GoreAdvice from the trenches on pregnancy, childbirth, clueless doctors, potty training, toddler avengers, domestic mayhem, and way more.

An off-beat yet down to earth approach to many parenting issues. Some of this book is relevant mainly to U.S mama’s (ie: the Family Law and Collection Agents topics), but most of it’s content can be applied to every mother’s struggles ! So much of it rings true you can’t help but be amused. Well written and helpful, if you are tired of the heaps of advice you get from out-of-touch grannies at the bus stop, this book offers great support !

Raising a Son, Don Elium & Jeanne EliumIn this society we often try to understand why we have the emotional problems we do. From infancy, this book explores specifically how our boys are treated, examining the relationship between parent and son and the far reaching effects of that relationship.

This book really opened my eyes to my sons, and offered insights into their sometimes inexplicable (to me) behaviour. Full of wonderful verses from the authors own writings and terrific stories. It’s easy to follow and provides clear explanations of common issues, such as power struggles and illuminates the needs and behaviour patterns of the male child. My favourite quote from a story within the book is on how after many sessions with a therapist, the subject complains that “his mother still won’t let go” of him. His friend replies “your mother isn’t supposed to let go of you…., your father is supposed to come and get you.” An invaluable book on how we as parents can productivity raise and nurture our sons.

Raising A Daughter, Don Elium & Jeanne EliumAnother fantastic book from the authors on raising happy and healthy daughters. Highly recommended.

Circle Round-Raising Children in the Goddess Traditions, StarHawk,One of my absolute favourite books ! A book with a nature-based child rearing focus with comprehensive sections on the eight Pagan holidays of the year, plus Earth cycles, Coming of age rituals, healing ceremonies, all explained simply and beautifully. If I’m ever stuck for inspiration when the kids are at a loose end, I know I can trust this book to enthuse me and the children. The authors, have lovingly compiled an assortment of their own experiences of raising their children with an emphasis on respect and love for nature. I find I can turn to it for every occasion: homeschooling lessons on the phases of the Moon, birthday or everyday celebrations, delicious seasonal recipes and so much more. Plenty of inspiration for parents and children to share in special activities together and suggestions on creating a healthy rhythm for our daily lives. You won’t be disappointed !

Health, Immunisations

No More Amoxicillin: Preventing and Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections without Antibiotics, Mary Ann Block

A comprehensive book on the most common reason we visit the doctor with our children. Offers medical explanations on how and why plus valuable advice on how to treat and prevent recurring infections.

There are few things more frightening than having your child wake in the middle of the night screaming in pain. The first time one of our children had a bad earache, we felt so helpless. We panicked and my husband rushed our son to the nearest hospital. I picked up a book on ear infections and read one of the first paragraphs in the book “antibiotics will not relieve the pain of an ear infection and may complicate the healing process”. Luckily my husband had the mobile phone with him, I called and told him to come home. My son didn’t want to go to hospital and was relieved to be home. We gave paracetamol to help with the pain until we could take him to the homeopath in the morning. He was fine and recovered quickly with no more pain. We have been lucky to only have had a couple of ear infections in our five children, and I know now the best way to treat them is usually the old-fashioned way: lavender oil on cotton wool, warm water bottle on the ear, warm garlic oil, peace and quiet. This book explains how treatment with antibiotics commonly leads to recurrent infections which can spiral out of control and in some cases lead to surgery.

At a Glance: The Family Guide to Homeopathy, Symptoms and Natural Solutions, Dr. Andrew Lockie.Easy to read and use. The book helps you to diagnose and treat minor ailments for all family members with the safest form of medicine available. Also provides advice for serious ailments and first aid.

This book is the first I pick up when anyone in our family falls ill. Homeopathy is our favoured method of treatment for illness. We have seen incredible results using this form of medicine and the children are always comforted when we bring out a remedy. The safety of this medicine cannot be overstated, we have had one mischievous toddler swallow several bottles of different remedies with no ill-effects. This book helps give us confidence to treat our children safely and for most minor illnesses eliminates that inconvenient trip to the doctor’s. It offers a history of homeopathy and explains how and why it works.
For more information on Homeopathy see our Natural Health page or visit the Author’s website at Dr. Lockie

Vaccine Guide : Making an Informed Choice, Randell NeustaedterNeustaedter, a family primary care physician, helps parents decide whether to immunise infants and children. He discusses toxicity of vaccines, treatments for adverse effects, legal requirements, alternative vaccines, and evaluations of vaccine effectiveness.

Vaccines are a hotly debated topic world wide and a lot of conflicting advice is given to parents. Independent study is offered with advice from this world renowned doctor and lecturer on vaccines and their safety. Every parent owes it to their child to gather as much information about this serious health issue. For my views on vaccines visit our Natural Health page.