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Legoland Windsor

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Legoland Windsor
Legoland Windsor is a large theme park with 50 rides and attractions aimed at primarily the 12 and under crowd. The park offers plenty of facilities to accomodate all requirements including free kennels for your dog. There are 8 different “lands” or themed areas from “Castleland” to “The Imagination Centre” providing plenty of activities to stimulate the imagination. This is a very green ad lush park that seems to blend in well with the surrounding countryside, thoughtfully landscaped to provide plenty of “quiet” areas. Plenty of shows and events are planned throughout the day with the most popular being the slapstick display of the Lego show at the harbour, don’t miss it! Any Lego fan will delight in a visit here!

Our Review – On the whole, I am not a fan of taking children to theme parks. The noise, the lights, the consumer-frenzy has always struck me as too overstimulating for children under the age of 11 years. But with Lego being a favourite toy in our family, everyone was excited at the prospect of going to a theme park centred around it! I was pleased to find a well laid out and “laid back” park! Because the rides are aimed at younger children and their parents, it is a very safe park, where the children feel in control and welcome, being able to explore at their own pace. Highly recommended for families of children 2 to 15. Tip: As with any theme park, food is expensive, be sure and bring your own.Cost – Adults £17.95 – 21.95 / Children £14.95 – 18.95 / Senior £11.95 – 15.95. Dependant on Season. Receive £1 off each ticket bought online.

Where to Buy – Available online through the website Legoland, via telephone 08705 04 04 04 or at the gates for an addtional £1 per ticket than prices above.

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