Review! Headlice Treatments


The New Plague of Britian?

Headlice are one of the most common ailments of children today. However, due to it’s taboo nature, headlice infestation, effective (and ineffective) treatments are not widely discussed in the places that generate them so prolifically, our school communities. A short jog around the Internet though brings up a wealth of information – a particular favourite being You will find very comprehensive information here on everything you could possibly need to know about lice and treatment.

The two products tried and tested by my family have been (in the UK) Nice n’ Clear and (in the USA) Yucca-Derm Both products use natural ingredients to combat lice infestation and as any expert will tell you, the only sure way to be rid of them is to combine treatment with regular fine-tooth combing. Harsh chemical pesticides are to be avoided at all cost. These are toxic and poisonous to humans and reports of death caused by these products have even been made. That’s certainly enough to scare me away from them.

Our Review – Yucca Derm comes in a variety of products from treatment creme and preventative shampoo to laundry detergent. It seemed to be a very effective product and pleasant to use. Nice n’ Clear, another natural product is a leave-in condition and care must be taken not to apply too much or else greasy looking hair results. Again, quite effective and pleasant to use. Combing is required with any product at least daily for what I am assuming is to be the rest of the school years!

Cost – Yucca Derm, currently only available in the USA from $5.95 for the treatment condition to $15.95 for the family bottle of shampoo. Nice n’ Clear, the UK contender £7.99 for a family bottle.

Where to Buy – Available online through Yucca Derm and or at your local health food shop.

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