Review! Appletta Tooth Fairy

 Appletta: Letters from the Tooth Fairy

Personalised letters to your child by Rosenberry Books

Rosenberry Books and author Angela Elmore have created a wonderful package for all believers of magic!

The package contains multiple-page letters on silky, magical papers addressed to your child in Appletta’s curlicue handwriting folded into the most beautiful handmade leaf & petal envelopes.

In addition there are tooth-pouches (each flower-shaped, scored cutout folds into a whirligig-shaped tooth-pouch). All presented in a handbound handmade-paper folder for protecting and hiding the letters.

Also available is the equally treasurable book of “Appletta Tooth Fairy and the Whirlygigs”

A handbound book in richly textured paper (with “deckled edges” – the natural feathered edges of handmade paper).
“Appletta knows Wag-at-the-Wa’, the swing-and-giggle, joke-poking pothook Fairy; Puddlefoot, who went nameless until he disappeared; Joan the Wad, the professional tickler. . . . And Appletta knows brownies.

New developments….

Thay are continuing to develop new products such as wonderful handmade paper playthings – sparkling Fairy doll and Fairy mask kits, Animal Masks (the thick, richly textured paper on these is amazing – almost lifelike!), Star Journals, Mobile kits . . . (and some special Christmas items) – all in a delicious variety of handmade papers.
Just completed – a new set of 20 Letters: The Deluxe Green Set. It is not yet advertised on the site, but you can request it by email (see below).

Our Review – At last! A little help for parents with creating the magic of “The Tooth Fairy”! Delighted at the prospect of this product, I was not prepared for how gorgeous it all is. These are very high quality, brilliantly produced letters that will always be treasured by parent and child alike. Unlike many “personalised” printed products, your child’s name is of the same quality as the rest of the unique stylish script, making it look very “genuine”!

My five children (that’s a lot of teeth!) love the magic of the tooth fairy who always brings small treasures, but as they get a little older it has been challenging to keep the mystery that we all enjoy. These letters are the answer! Even my eleven year old was satisfied that I could not have “made-up” such a thing, Phew!

My seven year old was absolutely thrilled upon the discovery of her letter, she said she could even “smell” the dried flowers on the envelope! We read (and re-read) the letter together as a family which helped prolong the “magic” throughout the week.

The book even offers more ideas for “make-believe” that will be appreciated by any busy parent!
These would make great gifts from friends and family members to share in this important time of childhood.

I was concerned that I would have to purchase a set for each of my children, but the nice folks at Rosenberry Books told me that they are able to offer “sibling” packs, where the letters are divided amongst the children’s names you specify, hurrah! (This may be considered a custom order though – enquire first.)

Cost – to suit all requirements, $6 (£4 approx.) for 1 multiple-page letter in handmade envelope from Appletta all the way to $96 (£66 approx.) for 20 letters, tooth pouches and book. Rosenberry Books offer several different packages and price ranges for the book and letters to suit all requirements, including Party Packs. A truly wonderful investment and gift.

Where to Buy – Available online through Rosenberry Books. Secure online ordering via PayPal & Credit cards accepted via telephone & multiple emails.

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