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The Belly Journal – Pregnancy Art Journal. “This is simply a beautiful book to honour and celebrate pregnancy! Filled with poems and images that inspire …..” May 2002

Appletta; The Tooth Fairy – Handmade, personalised letters from Appletta and friends. “…multiple-page letters on silky, magical papers addressed to your child in Appletta’s curlicue handwriting…”June 2002

Marsupial Mother; Baby Slings – Handcrafted baby slings and pouches. …”Great attention to detail and the personal touches …”July 2002

Legoland – Lego Company’s theme park in Windsor. “..a well laid out and “laid back” park! ” August 2002

Headlice – The new plague of Britain? “..not widely discussed in the places that generate them so prolifically, our school communities..” September 2002

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps – “You only need two beauty products….plenty of sleep and Dr. Bronner’s Soaps October 2002