Co-Sleeping Books


Nighttime Parenting; La Leche League International
by Mary White (Foreword), William Sears.

For parents who are looking for an alternative to the “cry-it-out” theory of getting their baby or child to sleep, this is the book for you. William Sears provides practical advice on everything from the causes of night-waking in infants and children to the best furniture to buy for the children to sleep on. He covers important information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, night terrors, bed-wetting, thumbsucking, nighttime fathering tips, nighttime parenting of high-need babies, and much more.

Three in a Bed : The Benefits of Sharing Your Bed With Your Baby Deborah Jackson, Tom Newton (Illustrator)Until relatively recently, babies weren’t sent off to sleep alone in their cribs where they often cry themselves to sleep–only to wake, needing to be fed or comforted until they can fall asleep again. This book offers an alternative: taking your baby to bed with you. Drawing on up-to-date and startling new evidence, the author shows how babies who sleep with their parents benefit by getting virtually a full night’s sleep. Three in a Bed also includes a fully revised chapter based on new research on the SIDS debate and includes practical information on safety in the bed, how to sustain your sex life, and how to deal with the moment when the baby leaves his parents’ bed. The approached advocated in this book can change the life of any parent struggling with getting their baby to sleep through the night.
The Family Bed: An Age Old Concept in Child Rearing by Herbert Ratner (Foreword), Tine Thevenin

Only since Victorian times has it been standard practice for mothers and fathers to send their babies to sleep alone, away from the parental bed – often in another room. This book reveals how babies who sleep with their parents benefit by getting virtually a full night’s sleep. The author explains the advantages of this radical form of baby care, including its benefits for breastfeeding mothers, reviews the history of babies in the bed and, through interviews with parents, explores attitudes to the idea. The book also contains a fresh perspective on the tragedy of cot death, as well as practical advice on how to sustain your sex life, hints on safety in the bed and answers to all the common objections. Finally, the author deals with the moment when the baby leaves its parents’ bed.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night by Elizabeth Pantley, William Sears (Foreword)

There are two schools of thought for encouraging babies to sleep through the night: the hotly debated Ferber technique of letting the baby “cry it out,” or the grin-and-bear-it solution of getting up from dusk to dawn as often as necessary. If you don’t believe in letting your baby cry it out, but desperately want to sleep, there is now a third option, presented in Elizabeth Pantley’s sanity-saving book The No-Cry Sleep Solution.
Pantley’s successful solution has been tested and proven effective by scores of mothers and their babies from across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Based on her research, Pantley’s guide provides you with effective strategies to overcoming naptime and nighttime problems. The No-Cry Sleep Solution offers clearly explained, step-by-step ideas that steer your little ones toward a good night’s sleep–all with no crying.