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Channel 4 Documentary About Parenting Teenagers

RDF Media is one of the UK’s leading independent production companies. We make documentaries for all the main channels ranging from Channel 4’s PERFECT MATCH and SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE to the highly acclaimed ‘CENTURY OF THE SELF’ series for the BBC. You can find out more about RDF at

RDF is making a new primetime series for Channel 4 called NAVIGATORS. The idea for NAVIGATORS came from another RDF series FAKING IT in which someone is trained up by mentors to master an entirely alien skill well enough to fool a panel of judges (for example: classical cellist to DJ; sheep-shearer to hairdresser; burger man to top chef and so on). NAVIGATORS takes this mentoring idea back to real life issues with mentors who have all been through the same experience before.

Each film tracks the progress of someone going through a stressful life experience, in this case parenting teenagers. Carefully selected mentors or ‘navigators’ will be brought in to offer advice, support and hopefully solutions. Rather than experts these mentors will also be parents/carers of teenagers who have acquired wisdom and expertise from their own experience.

The idea is that each film will provide inspiration, guidance and hope to viewers who are experiencing similar quandaries. NAVIGATORS will keep the warm, uplifting agenda of FAKING IT while eliciting thought-provoking real-life results.

Are you at the end of your tether with your teenage son or daughter (11 – 15 years)? Would you like to find out how other parent/carers have dealt with similar problems?

Have you got a story to tell about parenting your own teenagers? Have you found some solutions?

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