Natural Parenting UK’s Top Ten Baby Essentials

These lists are such a favourite in the baby magazines, I thought we should compile our own!

Stockists of these items should be found with no trouble and whilst no expense was spared in compiling this list, cost to the parents is kept to a minimum ; – )

Newborn and postpartum essentials can be found on our Pregnancy Page


The best start and continuing nutrition for your baby that money can’t buy.
However, it can be bought from the too rare “Milk Banks” for around £370+ for a weeks supply (and worth every penny.)
Single fathers and all-male families – visit this great article about Male Lactation! Wow.

You will find that baby is not too fussy what package or style these are as long as there are long sessions of cuddling involved.


OK, so your baby doesn’t have to be called “Keanu” or “Leonardo” to be unique but I’ve always believed that a special baby requires a special name – try getting a feel for your child before you name him, you may be surprised that the “Sylvester” that you had chosen seems more like a “Samuel”, and always choose a name with special meaning especially for your child.

LARGE BED (parents included)
The ultimate in five star luxury for the whole family. Peaceful nights and SIDS prevention are an added bonus to the unparalleled closeness© you will experience.
An important element in self-identity is knowing about your ancestors – be sure and tell lots of stories about grandma and as far back in your family tree as you can discover.
According to a recent survey, 10 out of 10 babies exclusively preferred the closeness and comfort of the sling to any other mode of transport.6
The more people to tell a baby how cute/smart/handsome/funny and loved he/she is the better, right?
Your baby, if able, would insist on only 100% natural toys to chew and gaze upon! The more “formless” a toy, the more opportunity for imaginative play (so that’s why they prefer the boxes….)
The best way to ensure your child develops a strong immune system is to not destroy it with vaccines and antibiotics. Visit a registered homeopath who can care and advise on all the families health needs.
Your baby will be the best-dressed in town in one of the Natural Parenting UK’s 100% soft brushed cotton baby gowns!
OK, so this is a blatant plug, but they are super comfy and un-restrictive and we’re sure baby will love them!10